Carol Anthony

Original artwork for sale by artist Carol Anthony. Carol Anthony is a poetic artist who truly lives her art. Each of her words is carefully chosen; each possession carefully placed about her straw bale home. Through solitude and simplicity, Anthony paints images reflective of her own inner light and appreciation for beauty.

Carol Anthony and her identical twin sister grew up playing and drawing together. Her father was the Creative Vice President of Young & Rubicam advertising agency and a cartoonist contributor to the New Yorker, Colliers and Punch, and her mother was a singer. Anthony and her twin had an idyllic childhood playing in their apple orchard home in Connecticut. They both started drawing at age two, knowing that they were artists at an early age. When the girls were eleven, their mother was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. Anthony and her sister cared for their mother for four years until her death. The “Twin Bed Series” recalls this time in Anthony’s life.

Carol Anthony carol anthony Carol Anthony the great watermelon slice