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(b. 1951) Dedicated to capturing the majesty of his birthplace in his work, painter Phill Nethercott is a true native to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His great-grandparents were among the first settlers of the Teton valley when they arrived there in 1896. “It’s one of those places where in every direction there’s something wonderful to paint, and the mood is constantly changing.”Nethercott spent his boyhood exploring the awe-inspiring landscape known to attract countless artists. The artist community of Jackson Hole was very supportive and influential to Nethercott. Painters such as Conrad Schwering, John Clymer, and Jim Wilcox were his mentors and role models. After moving to Utah to study art at Brigham Young in Utah, Nethercott returned home where he continued to paint on the side while working full-time to support his family. During this time he explored a variety of media and techniques before coming to work exclusively in oils. As he learned to paint primarily by his own experimentation, his work is distinctive in style.Nethercott co-founded the prestigious Art for the Parks competition. In the late eighties, he and fellow artist Patty Boyd decided to create an event that would provide emerging artists an opportunity to show and compete with better known artists. The exhibition would offer a prize of $100,000 and U.S. national parks would be its theme. From the start an enormous success, the competition is approaching its twentieth anniversary.