Oreland C. Joe – Red Moon Shield

Red Moon Shield
12″ x 24″ • Oil • $3,750

The Red Moon Shield is an interpretation of a Cheyenne war shield. A warrior is riding at the upper half of the painting. His medicine is strong as he rides and leads a war party against the Pawnees of eastern Kansas. The larger painted shield is an enlargement of the riders shield. Red Moon Shield. The shield is half green and black. At its center is a Red crescent waxing moon and a blue Kingfisher. The prime medicine bird of the Northern and Southern Cheyenne. To the right and left are double T designs representing the medicine of the dragonflies. On each side of the shield are strips of trade cloth with Kestral feathers tied to it. The main center cloth has ten eagle feathers tied to it. A red feather indicating that he is a war party leader. The pipe at the bottom indicating that many bands have smoked the pipe and agreed to go to battle