Kirk Tatom

Original artwork for sale by artist Kirk Tatom. Kirk Tatom is an artist from Kansas known for his portrayal of both farmland and the Southwest. The abstract feel of his representational works is very intriguing. His unique style makes his work attractive to collectors who are looking for a fresh perspective on landscapes. Tatom’s frames are hand carved by his father and brother and are also an integral part of the work.

Tatom paints oil on panel. Preparation of the panel requires just the right placement of texture. The surface may be sanded, scraped, polished, scored, and then washed, stained, and glazed. Next comes the march of the elements of landscape–a boat, a vineyard, trees, snow, water, animals. He often has as many as ten paintings in the works at the same time.

The artist’s soft details and abstracted feel lend themselves to an intimate viewing experience. Organic shapes of color fields sometimes make up areas of the composition. Tatom’s paintings are a wonderful addition to any collection. Represented by McLarry Fine Art in Santa Fe, Tatom splits his time painting between studios in Santa Fe and Arizona. His passion for painting is evident in his work.

Known as one of Santa Fe’s foremost stone carvers for nearly twenty years, Kirk Tatom traded his chisel for a paintbrush in 1997 and has again become accomplished in his chosen medium. He is now known for painting the lush green fields and farms to which he often gravitates.

Storm by Kirk Tatom kirk tatom Kirk Tatom storm
18″ x 32″ • Oil