2018 Exhibitions

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Charlie Hunter

Charlie Hunter

Reception April 18, 5-8pm and April 20, 5-7pm

Paul Van Ginkel

Robert Marchessault – The Beauty and the Trees

Reception May 25, 5-7pm

Joseph Lorusso

Joseph Lorusso

Reception June 22, 5-7pm

Peter Hagen Exhibition

Peter Hagen – Immersed

Reception July 6, 5-7pm

Cheri Christensen

Cheri Christensen – The Shape of Light

Reception July 20, 5-7pm

Chuck Sabatino

Chuck Sabatino – Back To Basics

Reception August 10, 5-7pm

Phill Nethercott

Phill Nethercott

Reception September 7, 5-7pm

Paul Van Ginkel Exhibition

Paul Van Ginkel

Reception September 28, 5-7pm