Peter Campbell Bio

Peter Campbell Artist Profile Picture
“Peter Campbell paints the quiet wonder of landscapes at dawn, dusk, and in moonlight. His oil paintings evoke a sense of the end or the beginning of a day, a time to slow down, relax and renew ourselves.”
-Pastiempo Magazine 2005

(b. 1963)
An honors graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1989 as a photographer, Peter Campbell left the photographic world for the more interpretive world of a painter when he moved to Colorado in 1995. Unknowingly he embraced a palette and vision that resemble late 19th and early 20th century tonalists, but recently he has adopted more lively color renditions. Working from sketches and plein-air studies, he recreates a sense of place with his facility for realism in balance with a painterly quality. Filtered through a life spent outdoors constantly evaluating light and its relationship to the land, Peter’s interpretation is more than mere valleys, rivers or widespread vistas. It is the commonplace made extraordinary through a poetic use of color and shape. He presents the viewer with an escape to an unconscious dialogue of land and remembrance, profoundly quiet and hauntingly familiar.