Oreland C. Joe – Dust in the Wind

painting by artist Oreland C. Joe
Dust in the Wind
30″ x 40″ • Oil • $10,300

As Cheyenne Warriors gallop widely in the background, a lone Warrior Chief painted for battle stands in the foreground. He has just let go of the White man’s medal and white paper given to him in Washington. The dry prairie dust has begun to stir in circles.

The same sitation among Chiefs became more common in the 1860’s as more and more settlers came upon the sacred lands of the Plains people. Broken promises, the government changing previous agreements with leaders of the people. Regardless of the changes, spiritual guides still helped and protected the people.

In the painting there are four sacred directions represented by four colored medicine bundles. Each within its own power and prayer songs.

The Chief is dressed in his finest regalia, making it known that it is a good day to die for the People.

The line with split ends connecting the Sun and Moon. Depicting the sky and universe.

As the War Chief lets go of physical items given by white officials, the blue Kingfisher birds to the right offering their medicine to help with the Chief’s decision to announce war once again on the whites.