Oreland C. Joe – Hailstone Person

painting by artist Oreland C. Joe
Hailstone Person
36″ x 24″ • Oil • $8,800

Hailstone person is recounting a battle previously fought in the battle of the Little Big Horn. Not even within a year many who fought in the 1876 battles surrendered at Fort Keogh in Montana and Fort Robinson in Nebraska. Some were transferred to other agencies and Indian Territory in Oklahoma. Many bands came in to the agencies, settling in to a new way of life.

This painting represents a Contrary, the most feared of warriors in public and in battle. The great warrior now in his fifties recalls a battle where the long yellow haired soldier leader was killed.

Some one in the crowd among late night agency camp fires would call upon a warrior. The warrior would step out dancing and singing his war song. Afterwards his story would be long recounting his victory.

From the warriors mouth is a faint line representing his voice. The long jagged line from top to midway represent the power of lightning and moisture. Moisture in the way of rain, hail, thunder and lightning.

Red headed birds accompany the warrior on the war path. The bottom right is himself riding in the mist of the battle.